Website Design

A new website build can be very overwhelming if you are new to hosting, domains, and websites. Where do I start? Am I configuring it right? Is my website secure? These are just a few questions that may come to mind. You also need to have an eye for layout and design. A poorly designed website equals less customers. When someone is researching businesses, if your website is unsightly or hard to navigate they leave your website! Your website is a direct representation of your business. If a person does not like what they see they automatically assume they will not like your business.

We have designed many appealing websites and focus on user experience. We make it easy for your potential customers to get to the information they want quickly. Our websites are also mobile compatible. Your web pages will change depending on the device it is viewed on. Looking at a web page from a phone is a completely different experience then looking from a computer screen. If you do not have a dynamic website you are losing customers.

If you need to sell products or services online we can help. There are many options out there. Which service you choose will depend on your unique situation. We can set up your store on whichever service works best for your business. 

Website Administration

All successful business’s use their valuable time doing the things that they are skilled at. The things that make them money. They pay others to do the things that they are not skilled at. Let’s be honest, although you are motivated and resourceful, you are not an IT Professional or a graphics designer. Website Administration is what we do. We have been doing it for over 10 years and we are very good at it. How will your business benefit from using Black Dot Designs?

Worry Free Full Service Website Administration

You worry about your business. We will worry about your website. Compliance, security, backups, updates, and everything else. We take care of everything for you. You will have a personal webmaster assigned to your company. The only thing you will need to do is contact us when you need a website change.

Website Disaster Recovery

We perform daily backups on the websites we support. If the worst case scenario happens we will have your website back up and running quickly with no additional cost to you.

Site Updates and Modifications

All code will be kept current at the latest version. This includes HTML, PHP, JavaScript, or any code your site uses. Site layout changes are included and we will also mange your content updates. This is text and images on your web pages.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

A wonderful looking website will do you no good if your website cannot be found in search results. We will make your site searchable by search engines and get it indexed. We then increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by providing relevant content for your ideal customers.

Digital Advertising

SEO works but it take time. If you need more immediate results we suggest advertising on Google or Facebook. Advertising puts you at the top of the results regardless of SEO.

Our Website Adminisration Plans

All of our plans come standard with:

Basic Website Administration

With this plan you can feel confident that your site will be online, secure, and backend code updated. This plan is best suited for a company who wants to update page content (text and images) themselves but does not want to deal with server side management. 

Standard Website Administration

This is our most popular plan. It is best suited for a company who does not want to manage content updates or server side settings and updates. You get everything in our Basic Plan. In addition, this plan covers content and design updates.


SEO works but it take time. If you need more immediate results we suggest advertising on Google or Facebook. Advertising puts you at the top of the results regardless of SEO.

87.28% of Americans use Google as their primary search engine. Google is the industry leader.

Having the best products or services in the world is not good enough. If nobody knows about them then you will not make money. We can put your products and services in-front of millions of people. We have helped businesses make thousands and we can do the same for your business.

Our advertising is very targeted. Your products and services will be shown to your ideal customers.

This is a full solution service. We will design and build any website pages needed to make this Advertising successful. Our advertisement will be inline with your sales process so you are not wasting money. This service is month to month. No long term commitment. Cancel anytime. Once canceled your ads will stop running.