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1-10 Pages Included

Standard build comes with Home, Services, About Us, and a Contact Us page. This is just a suggestion though. Use these pages or whatever page names you want. We understand that every situation is different. BDD is willing to switch it up to fit your needs.


Responsive Designs

Have your website look beautiful on any device. Webpages will adjust automatically to whatever screen size you view it on. This could be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a smart phone. Your website will look great on all of them.


Social Networking

Your website will be social ready. BDD can add any social links you want.



Your website will come with an email form. Do you need specific information from your audience? We will add whatever fields you want. This includes text boxes, radio buttons, and even drop down lists. But theres more. Does your audience need to email you attachments? Maybe you need the completed form go to several email addresses. No problem. BDD will make it happen.



BDD will provide stock images FREE of charge with your website. We will find images to fit your business or personal needs.

You may have specific images you want to use. This may be due to a product you are selling, a picture of yourself, or just an awesome picture you have and want to flaunt it. Just email us the pictures and we will use yours too.

Do you have a bunch of images? Emailing images can become frustrating due to email size restrictions. Dropbox is a free and secure way to store and share files. You can even install Dropbox on your PC and Dropbox will create a folder for you. Then just drag and drop files to this folder. It’s that easy.  Get Dropbox



Content is the text and images in a website. BDD will provide the images but the text is on you. No one knows your business like you. You know who you are, what you do, and how you want to run your business. BDD has made it easy for you. Simply fill out our online form and click submit. BDD will use this information in your website. If you want to take your time and work on it offline you can download the form and email it to us via our contact us page. You will need Microsoft Word to view and edit the document.
Did we miss something? If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.