We understand that this e-commerce stuff can get confusing. Below is a more detailed description of some of the shopping carts options and functions.

WooCommerce Shipping Options (FREE)

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rates is a bundled shipping method which allows you define a standard rate per item, per shipping class, or per order.


PER ITEM: $5.00 per item. If the customer purchases 2 items shipping would cost $10.00
PER SHIPPING CLASS: Shipping is calculated by the shipping class set on the product. Shipping is charged per item. (See Shipping Classes)
PER ORDER: $5.00 per order. It does not matter how many items the customer purchases the price will stay at a fixed $5.00.


Local Delivery

Local delivery is a simple shipping method for delivering orders locally. The fee can be specified based on a percentage of the cart total, a flat fee, or it can be free. You define what zip codes that you allow for local delivery.


PERCENTAGE: If set to 5%. The total sales price for all items purchased will be multiplied by 5% and that will be the fee for delivery. At 5% the customer will be charged $5.00 for a $100 purchase.
FLAT FEE: If set to $25.00. Any purchase whos address is within the zip codes you define will be charged a $25.00 delivery fee. The size and amount of items purchased does not change the delivery fee. So if a person purchased 100 items they would still only get charged $25.00 to deliver the purchased items.
FREE: No charge for delivery.


International Delivery

International Shipping is based on Flat Rate Shipping which allows you define a standard rate per order, per item or per shipping class for international delivery. The same charge will be added no matter what county you ship to. You have the option to select the countries you want to ship to. You may also add a handling fee.


Local Pickup

Local pickup is a simple method which allows the customer to pick up their order themselves. No fee is charged for local pickup.


Free Shipping

If free shipping is enabled customers will have access to free shipping on their orders. You can however specify a few conditions they must meet to be granted free shipping such as;
•Minimum order amount
•Coupon (Users will need to enter a valid free shipping coupon code to use this method. If a coupon is used, the minimum order amount will be ignored)

You can also choose specific countries to which free shipping is allowed.

Shipping Classes

Categories are created and can be whatever you want. You could use small item, medium item, and large item. Or if you have a bunch of products that are the same you could use book, shirt, and tv. You then assign a price to that class. For example a small item is $5.00, a medium item is $10.00, and a large item is $15.00. Then each product is assigned a shipping class. So all small items would be charged $5.00 for shipping. You can also add a handling fee on top of the shipping cost.
Example: A person purchase two items that both have shipping class of small item. The shipping cost will be $10.00

To read in more detail the built in shipping options of woocommerce click the link below.

Shipping Extensions (PAID)

Woocommerce also offers shipping options through UPS and USPS. Basically you will have the options for shipping that UPS \ USPS offers. This requires you to have an account with UPS\USPS and with WooThemes. Some configuration will be required in your UPS\USPS account. These paid extensions are not included in BDD’s price. You will need to create your own account with WooThemes, purchase the gateway, then provide BDD with the extension you purchased so we can implement it into your website.

UPS Shipping Method Documentation

UPS Shipping Method Purchase

Woocommerce Payment Options (FREE)


PayPal is the quickest and secure payment method. All you need is a PayPal account. You will also be able to accept credit card payments with this payment option. When your customer is ready to give you a payment they will be directed to a PayPal page. Then redirected back to your site after payment is made.

Some things you will need to do.

1. Setup a PayPal account. You will want to use your business email address for this. When a customer makes a purchase they will get an auto generated email from your email setup on your PayPal account.

2. In order to accept payments via PayPal you will need to get verified through PayPal. This includes adding a bank account to your PayPal account.

3. Send Black Dot Designs the email address you used to setup your PayPal account. We need this to configure the PayPal payment option on your website.

PayPal offers a free and paid solution. You will be able to take credit card payments with the free PayPal account. To learn more about PayPal click on the link below.



 Cash on Delivery

No payment will be made during checkout. Customer will pay when they come to pickup the product from your store. You will need to give instructions on how the customer will obtain their product.


Credit Card (Simplify Commerce by MasterCard)


Simplify Commerce is your merchant account and payment gateway all rolled into one. Choose Simplify Commerce as your WooCommerce payment gateway to get access to your money quickly with a powerful, secure payment engine backed by MasterCard.

This option requires you to setup an account with Simply Commerce. To learn more about Simplify Commerce click on the link below.



 Direct Bank Transfer

This option takes a while for you to get your money. You will also need to add your bank account number, sort code, IBAN, and BIC/Swift numbers to the shopping cart settings.

This is not an automatic gateway like PayPal or Simplify Commerce. This requires you to check for payments and approve them through your bank. Then you will need to manually manage the order through woocommerce.


Cheque Payment

Allows you to accept cheques on your website. You will need to provide instructions that you want your customer to follow.




Payment Gateways (PAID)


If none of these options are a good fit for your business Woocommerce offers other payment gateways. This is not included in BDD’s price. You will need to create your own account with WooThemes, purchase the gateway, then provide BDD with the extension you purchased so we can implement it into your website.

Click on the link below to view the Woocommerce payment extensions.




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