We specialize in WordPress websites. WordPress allows you the user to easily update content, add images, and even add new pages. But to get to that point a lot of setup and configurations are necessary. If you are new to hosting, domains, and websites this can be very overwhelming. Where do I start? Am I configuring it right? Is my website safe? These are just a few questions that may come to mind. Then if advanced customization is needed, knowing HTML and CSS is a must.

We take care of all of this for you. After all the installations and configurations are complete we will add the pages you need and publish the content you provide. We take care of the advanced HTML and CSS so you don’t have to. When we are finished your website will be online and completely configured with all the bells and whistles you want.

We also take care of the graphics. Images and color combinations are very important to having a great looking website. Without them your website will look plain and unappealing. Your website is the middle man between you and your online customers. It is a direct representation of you and your business. Winging graphic design is not a good idea.

Quick question BDD, do I really need your services?

WordPress is free. Anyone can go online, do the research, and get a WordPress website up and running. However, for most people doing this themselves starts with good intentions and ends with complete frustration. You will spend countless hours figuring it out. That is just to get it up and running. Now you have to make it look good. Finding good color combinations, acquiring images, modifying images, changing link colors, and making it all look good together; welcome to step 2.  Now that you have the site up and running and looking pretty good there are a couple of things you want to customize that is not included in your theme. Welcome to the wonderful world of HTML and CSS.

Frustrated Woman

By using BDD you get a great website with all the functions you want for a reasonable price. You have also saved yourself countless hours of frustration. So let the BDD pros take the burden off your shoulders.



An E-Commerce website is a website that sells products or services. You get everything offered with BDD’s WordPress Website plus have the ability to sell products online.

Your E-Commerce Store will have the ability to
  • Sell Physical and\or Digital Products
  • Offer Shipping and\or Store Pickup
  • Manage Inventory
  • Accept Online Payments
Online Purchasing

Click on the links below for more information on each option
PayPal is the standard payment gateway. Other payment gateways can be added at an additional cost. Choose to add tax or pay price listed. See all payment options.
Standard build offers Flat rate, Free shipping, International Delivery, Local Delivery, or Local Pickup. Choose from any or mix and match. See all shipping options.
Choose to keep up with inventory or select unlimited stock. Input your inventory counts and inventory will automatically be deducted as products are sold. As you get shipments in you can update your inventory right from your website. Or you can set inventory as unlimited stock. With this option your customers will be able to purchase as many items as they like with no limits.
$1599.99 includes 1-10 products.

$1999.00 includes 11-50 products.

$2499.00 includes 51-100 products.

$5.00 for each additional product over 100 products.

Maintenance and Updates

As your business changes your website will need modifications to reflect those changes. This could be as simple as changing some text to adding new pages and products.

If you would like to do the updates yourself BDD is working on training videos to help you through the process.

However if you want to spend your time worrying about the other aspects of your business BDD is happy to take care of this for you. Our rate is $50 per hour. Most updates can be completed within 1 hour. If more than 1 hour is needed you will be contacted prior to more charges accumulating.



What separates a good website from an awesome website is the graphics. Text is just text. Graphics are what make a website pop and BDD has the skills to get you there. Headers, logos, ads, image modifications, slide shows, and image galleries. You name it we do it. We can even create Facebook, Twitter, and other social header images that fit perfectly in your social profiles.