I really like your designs but I already have a website and domain and want to keep my current hosting. Can we work something out?

Yes. We will more than happy to help. BDD will build out your new website with no interference in your current website. Once were done you will be able to see what your new website looks like live on the internet. Then give us the okay we will do all the behind the scenes magic and in no time you will have a brand new look.


Do I own my website?

Yes. You own the hosting, domain, and website. All of your files will reside in your hosting account. You are paying us get you set up. All graphics and data belong to you.


I already have a WordPress website. I just need someone to maintain it. Can you do it?

Of course. Just because we didn’t create it doesn’t mean we will not support it. Get some updates!


I want to do it myself but need some help. Can you help me out?

Yes. We have online training videos you can watch for free. We’ve just started creating videos so there are only a couple there. We will be adding more in the very near future. Still need some help? Our consulting fees are $30.00 per hour.